Gorgeous Home in peaceful Mount Merritt Neighborhood
view of the valley and hills from Mount Merritt Community
Traditional home with spacious room and cute front entrance is located in Mount Merritt Neighborhood
Beautiful home for Sale with two car garage and fenced lot resides in Mount Merritt Community in El Cajon
view of the back street in Mount Merritt Neighborhood
View of the street with lush greens on road side in Mount Merritt Neighborhood
House with large windows offer views of Mount Merritt Neighborhood
Beautiful Farm house resides on a big lush green lot in Mount Merritt Community in El Cajon
Houses in Mount Merritt Community resides on big multiple acre lots offering privacy and open spaces
Stunning luxury home with Rod Iron Private gated entrance in Mount Merritt Community
Beautiful red home in Mount Merritt has large windows offer beautiful views of large lot
Beautiful single family house with two car garage and Solar Panels for year around free electricity enjoy views of the valley and mountain range
Gorgeous Ranch Home on hill side lot enjoy views of lush green landscape in Mount Merritt Community
Lush equestrian Park in Mount Merritt Neighborhood
Green pet park in Mount Merritt Community in El Cajon California